Sunday, November 22, 2015

// how to paint the painter... //

I was thinking earlier, on the way to church. I don't remember about what, actually, but somehow it lead to these thoughts...

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As a Christian artist (and I don't necessarily just mean visual artist, but artist in general) sometimes I struggle with knowing how exactly to show God in my work. With wondering how much I need to have all my art and music 'sacred'. And the thought struck me-

I can't really paint a picture of God. I have to try to convey his attributes somehow and that can be daunting enough. But rather He should be in the paint, in the colors, in every note and tune and word.

 And He will shine through the beauty, probably better than if I always tried to make everything somehow related to a Bible story or something like that. God reveals himself in nature, and beauty, in a totally different way than the Bible obviously, but none the less real.

So while I want to of course make art and music that is specifically 'sacred' or for the church, I think it's important to make things that aren't 'sacred' (although in reality for the Christian there should be no such line) and through them reach the lost in ways you might not be able to otherwise.

 Now I don't mean that we should be making things that are counter the Word of God. You can't be dabbling in music that is sinful or making sketchy(pun not really intended) art. No, no and again no. That is the farthest thing from what I mean. Not that we aren't all guilty of that from time to time. What I mean is excellent beautiful art. Art that still is, at it's deepest, as sacred as a sinful human can attempt.

Anyways there's my random musing of a ramble for tonight It (as usual) is not fully thought through yet, and I need to study it out some more, look at the Bible and so on. I'm so abstract with my thinking that I hardly ever get that far, which is something I need to work on.

 I'm going to post another haiku as well, because I love haiku's and they are really the only kind of poem I feel I can systematically achieve.

I'd love to hear what you think about the article. Do you agree? Disagree? Have something to add since I've probably missed something (I cannot for the life of me write well when listening to any vocal music...) I'll always love to hear anything you have to say!!!


  1. That is a beautiful thought and definitely gives me something to think about. =) I've been having a really hard time "incorporating" Christianity into my latest stories and works. Maybe if the content is pure and uplifting, those are attributes of God and so glorify him without feeling the need to stuff him in at every possible turn...of course that is no excuse for writing carnal, worldly things. There has to be a balance. But thank you very much for this. =) I'm definitely going to have to be thinking abut it.

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    2. Thank you!! I understand, because I have been/ am in the same place all the time. Another thing I find is if I just let it slip in naturally, it usually ends up in there on its own!! Exactly, there has to be a balance. I always try to have some sort of Christian message slipped in somewhere, but even in the Bible the story often tells itself:) I'm glad you enjoyed the post and that it was helpful!! <3

  2. I've thought about this before, and I absolutely agree with you. Something doesn't have to be "blatantly Christian" to uplift and glorify God. If that makes any sense. :)

    1. it makes perfect sense! and thanks:) WE should be 'blatantly christian' enough ourselves so that He is in everything we do, it THAT makes any sense;)


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