Tuesday, December 1, 2015

// written august 31 2015 //

{written August 31 2015}

Too tired to sleep
too energetic to accomplish
My minds playing tricks again
Life seems so dauntless

Lull me with Your presence
comfort me with Your peace
sooth my troubled mind
and help me go to sleep

In the shadow of Your love
the way ahead seems bright
When my vision gets so dark
Remind me of Your Light

Fill me with Your spirit
help me feed its fire-glow
Your wisdom in Your Word
It's all I need to know.

Too loved to be lonely
too full to be empty
And a plan that is perfect,
only my fear preventing

when illusions swirl inside
clear the mist with Your breath
if shame tries to hide
cleanse my life with Your Death

In your arms I can sleep
Accomplish all You have planned
In my strength, just dust,
With Your spirit, I stand

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