Friday, April 8, 2016

// painted in blue //

i've been waiting for some feels to write, but since none are coming i guess i'll write myself some feels...

via pinterest
i am painted in blue, today
shades and tints of deep and fade
hues greenish and black
i stare at nothing
i blink
i feel if i were to cry
my cheeks would become stained
with oceanic ink
and if i speak
the words would drip 
with raw, rough sapphires
so i'll stay silent
yet even in my silence
i hear the color
i am painted
in a melancholy of blue


  1. dude. this is unbelievably good. i feel it down deep.

  2. Beautifully haunting and relatable. <3

  3. This captures the melancholy mood perfectly. It's funny, my muse seems to only come when I'm feeling moody too.

    1. Thank you!!! To be honest, I wasn't feeling moody- I just felt like writing, found this picture and then tried to conjure up some melancholy! I'm glad to hear it worked :)


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