Thursday, September 8, 2016

// Q & A //

*reposting because it was not working before*

So, I got a grand total of three votes to do a q & a video. I know that's not a lot, but I want to do one, I think it would be fun. And the people who voted are people I like. AND you'll get to listen to my nerdy voice, yay. So, ask away, anything you like. Even weird stuff! If there are a ton of questions(which I don't anticipate) I'll break the video into a few short segments. I personally am more likely to watch shorter videos as a rule. Thanks guys!


  1. OKAY YAY!!

    1.) Favorite color(s)?
    2.) Do you play piano by note or ear? (I'm pretty sure you play but if you don't ignore this, haha)
    3.) What season do you like best?
    4.) Where do you like to shop?

  2. okee dokee what a fun idea! here are mine:
    Where do you live? Where do you wish you lived?
    Do you want to have kids? And if so, how many?
    On an average, skirts or jeans? What are the pros and cons to each?
    Where do you see yourself in twenty years?
    What's your life quote?
    City or country? Why?
    think that's it :)~Melody

    1. MELODY!! I haven't heard from you in years!! thank you for the questions.

    2. I know haha this summer has been INSANE (and I'm not just saying that). But think I'm down to relax a bit more with fall coming on...bring on the sweaters and tea!! :)

    3. Same here! And same again, although I think this school year is going to be pretty intensive. I hope to see you blogging again if you have time <3

  3. That's exciting! Let's see, some questions:
    What's your favourite Bible verse/passage and why?
    Do you have a favourite book?
    How would you describe your music taste?
    What's something you wish you had the courage to do?
    Can you describe yourself in five words?

  4. I have one question, since you've been asked so many already. If you could get a lifetime supply of your favorite tea, chocolate, or flowers, which would you pick? ��

    1. Thank you Abby! I'm so surprised by all these questions- time to get to work!!

  5. Favourite book? If you could marry, kill and high-five three fictional characters, who would they be? Three places in the world (or universe) that you want to visit before the apocalypse?

    (yeah, I ask weird questions)

  6. Q & A videos are the most fun :) My questions are:

    * What is your favorite album and why?
    * If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    * What is your favorite season?


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