Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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 I've just been looking at some art...
(I'm supposed to be cleaning. I can't escape it forever.)

These portraits of Bedouins by John Singer Sargent are just really beautiful to me.

 They are so regal and defiant... and it makes me sad knowing  when these beautiful people died, their souls were probably lost forever.
 John Singer Sargent

"Go you therefore and teach all nations..." Matthew 28:19

And these portraits of Egyptian Woman... I'm not sure if they are both the same lady. She's so proud and mysterious.

John Singer Sargent

                                                                               Philip Alexius de Laszlo

And then this painting I found on Pinterest a long time ago... (I finally just did an image search and discovered the who the artist is. I'm loving his work.)

Anyways, this is one of, if not the, most beautiful portraits I've ever seen... I'm slightly obsessed and I only wish I could paint that well. His eyes, his turban, his expression!

These aren't very ponderous thoughts. Just beautiful paintings.

And a challenge, both personal and to anyone reading- how are you doing with your witnessing? I'm absolutely terrible. Shyness is an easy excuse... but I'm not sure in light of the souls it could be wasting that it's a very good one.

What's your excuse?

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