Tuesday, September 15, 2015

//Grace- a song/poem by me//


I'm holding out this gift, 
It's just within your reach,
Believe and take what's offered 
And step across the breach.

I know you feel unworthy,
Like you shouldn't get this grace,
But I died for your redemption,
 And you're not a hopeless case

No one's too far for my love,
No one's beyond its endless reach 
Believe and take what's offered, 
And step across the breach 

You know how much you need me,
 Though you've tried to keep it in, 
I AM enough for all you are,
Every past and future sin

Don't keep on resisting,
Let go of self and pride,
I long to give you perfect peace,
And see you wholly satisfied. 

No one's too far for my love, 
No one's beyond its endless reach,
 Believe and take what's offered,  
And step across the breach

Come to Me now, I'm waiting, 
For you to repent and believe,
Turn from your sin to salvation, 
To the cleansing you can receive

* * *

A song I wrote awhile back.

It's a weird thing... I've written two songs that I actually like
 and both times they woke me up in the morning demanding to be written.
They didn't come from me.
Because I was asleep.

Not thinking

About writing songs or anything else.
But I think it did have some inspiration, other than just God deciding I should write this song,
Someone who was on my mind.

Never stop praying for those who you long to see saved.
Never never never.
Because God wants them too. 
But He wants you to pray for it.

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