Thursday, December 31, 2015


well it's finally here. in just 2 short hours, it will be 2016.

i was reading through my list of resolutions from last year, and although i'm not where i wish i was, i can see how i've at least attempted to fulfill them. i was laughing because 1 of them was to witness more, and i can say that in 2015 i gave out exactly one tract and then actually followed up on it. nothing came of it expect possibly some grey hairs, but it is at least a start. i know i've grown in some ways over this year and although it wasn't exactly eventful ( that is to say for me personally, obviously for the world as a whole there have been some pretty huge events. but i don't want to talk about them right now. another day, another post) i think it's been profitable.

so now on to next year. here are my resolutions- they can be lumped into 3 main categories because if i just started listing everything one by one it could get drawn out.

1. resolved: to grow spiritually
     to have a better prayer and devotional life, to make more practical application from the Bible(as opposed to just thinking about things:/), to witness more(maybe i'll manage 2 tracts;) and try to edge a little closer to who i need to be. to just grow closer to God. to be kinder and more willing to be vulnerable; to let go of my pride a little(or a lot).

2. resolved: to grow academically
      to work harder on school, to read more(i never, ever thought i'd see the day when i'd have to resolve this. sigh. life. sigh again.) and to stretch and improve my mind in new ways. and to accept the work it will take to achieve this. i'm not sure if this fits here, but i also want to try to be more healthy. eat better. work...out. we'll see.

3. resolved: to grow creatively.
        to purposefully make more art, music, writing- to choose to do and improve in every artistic pursuit i can. make time to practice painting and practice drawing, and i mean serious practice instead of just fun. to do more crafting and sewing. to start looking into some new options for musical training and opportunities. to sit down and write more, and to take more time on this very blog:)  (which, by the way, raises the point- if you have any content you'd ever like to see, let me know and i will at least see what i can do:)

i guess basically, this year i just want to DO more. i told my friend that i want to go off like a firework this year, because that's the best analogy i can think of. to just sail into the air and burst into every shade and color possible. i doubt - in fact i know without a doubt- that this year will be what i think it will be. but if i can look back in 12 months and see that i've grown- well, that's the most anyone should ask out of a year.

none of my resolutions are anything extraordinary- they really are more life resolutions than just year ones. but years are what makes up a lifetime. months make up years. days make up months. i want to try to start redeeming my time more. it seems like it should be easy, but planning things out for your year is much easier than doing them every day.

i hope you all have a beautiful new year. i hope you dare to dare new and exciting things. i hope most of all that you grow closer to the Timeless God, and that His plan will blossom before you as the new year unfolds.

happy new year.


  1. Replies
    1. Aww thanks Shan<3 prepare for the fireworks ;)

  2. This. This post is so relatable haha. I recently wrote in my planner "Live the life God gave you" as a reminder, because it's insane how much time I squander doing useless things (For instance, watching other people living their lives on youtube can be bad in excessive amounts because it makes me forget I have my own life to take a hold of). I'm making huge changes so that I actually DO more, like you said. Anyway, I pray you have a wonderful 2016 and achieve your goals!

    1. That's wonderful to hear!! I totally agree! Haha I've actually had to deal with that too a little bit with YouTube- watching trained singers and then moaning about myself instead of just working:) it's basically an issue of contentment! Thank you so much for comment such encouraging words and I hope your 2016 exceeds your expectations and sees you reaching your goals too <3


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