Friday, January 1, 2016

// this year //

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biting my nails. good grief they are practically to the bone.

hmm... there are several but my first thought is that i want to get some copic markers. also yoga.

a person- erin hanson. i mean in the creative/awesomeness department. i try not to want to be like anyone else(but Jesus) but she does inspire me.
i'm not sure yet, but i want to try to(in the words of miss rumphius) 'make the world more beautiful'
downtown portland, maine. or at least downtown bangor(aiming realistically here.)

'to kill a mockingbird' and more c.s. lewis(i just got an anthology wheee) and just more in general
?? we'll see. i don't have one in mind but now i want to,

a new food? i don't know. i want to eat sushi at the moment. i should try to stat cooking more. 

living:) being nicer, procrastinating less(yeah right) extending my horizons.

                              so, do you have anything on this list you want to do in the new year? or maybe it inspires you? i don't                        know. maybe it's just fun to make lists. it makes you feel so productive without actually having to do anything.


  1. I like these goals :) I really like doing a monthly goal list so that I can really mark progress. Maybe each month you could make some goals and at the month look back and see which ones you accomplish. I know for me, if I say "read more", it'll never happen :)
    Loved this post...I really need to try sushi!

    1. That's a great idea! I think I will probably try to implement that:) oo yes it's good stuff. I'm not sure if I've ever had it with actuall raw fish, but veggie sushi is amazing!! I want to try more kinds. Thanks for commenting <3

  2. that last note is so true hahaha. i just posted my list on the blog so i guess you know mine, but i love your list! it's lovely and so are you ^-^

    1. Haha sad but true! I loved yours too! Here's to succeeding this year through Gods grace! Aw- and so are you<3


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