Sunday, December 6, 2015

// false faces //

Can you imagine what we look like to God? 'Cause, you know, we see faces but He sees hearts. I'm gonna bet if we could see them too, things would look a whole lot different.

Like, that pretty covergirl with her super model strut, perfect body and shiny smile. Nice designer clothes, oh la la. But if you could pull away the painted face you see a heart crisscrossed with scars, beaten beyond recognition, dripping with tears of blood, all wrapped up with a chain and a bow.  And right in the middle one big weeping hole.

Or that pretty boy in his suit and tie, with a car so bright it could blind your eyes, good thing he's got those dark sunglasses I guess. All spruced up, but if he came unbuttoned I bet you'd see a different story. A smoky grey heart with money on the mind, better look nice cause inside ain't pretty, but no one can see it so who cares, right?

How about that old lady, she's not much use you'd think, smells like roses and is dressed in pink, help her across another road. They say when you get a little closer to heaven your heart starts showing more as your skin wears thin. I think it's true and when her skins gone her hearts gonna shine so bright and smell even sweeter, she may be slow but she ran a good race.

Two men passing on the road, you might say ones a nobody, the other a bigshot. Eight digit salary and a giant playhouse. But if you peeked pass what you've been told, you'll see the first man is richer with a heart of gold. Since, after all, that's about the most you take with you in the end.

What about me? Am I doing good? Showing my best side in a better mood? Yeah so maybe I am but that's not what God sees, even my best isn't much. He sees the brambles that grow in that cloudy swamp garden of mine, when the waters stirred up its a little more fine, but what helps flowers grow through is when His light shines...

We're all false faces and they sure won't last, though we work awful hard on our palaces of glass, if we all would just take a look in and then breathe out maybe we could touch another's heart and help it somehow.

'Cause after all we can have a whole lot and look pretty good and still have nothing if our hearts are empty.

What's in your heart?

1 Samuel 6:7

//this is different than what I normally write... all slangy. Odd rhythm. I like it though. The idea came while we were in church this evening, we were talking about the time King Nebuchadnezzar turned into an animal and it struck me that even though every one else saw a successful king God already saw a mad beast. He just chose to reveal the truth to everyone. //

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