Wednesday, December 16, 2015

// hail the sunrise //

via google search

// Hail the sunrise, Christmas morn
Darkness dies as Light is born
Tender Babe in golden straw,
Should scarce be held be palace wall.

Hail the Infant, Heaven's King,
At His birth the stars all sing
Of what now is and what will be
This day of all eternity

Hail the God Child, sleeping now
What His dreams, as cattle low?
Of darkness deep and tomb of stone
Or suffering infinite on a cross, alone?

Hail the Sunrise, Christmas morn
Deaths death-knell has just been rung
As the light touches one small face
Night meets day and justice, grace //

xxx another one of those poems I've mentioned that just sort of pops out when I wake up... it honestly sounds more like Easter than Christmas... but really how can you think of one without the other? xxx


  1. You have talent!! All you need is to set it to music and we could have a new Christmas hymn. =)

  2. Aww thank you!!! <3 I actually have some tune ideas floating around my mind, so maybe by next Christmas we will!!


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