Thursday, December 17, 2015

// tomorrow is a lie //

// there is no such thing as tomorrow.

when what you dream is tomorrow comes
it will be today.

tomorrow is a hope and sometimes a lie but never, ever a promise.

so when you say 'i'll do that tomorrow'
you're really saying 'i'll do that never.'

you can't do anything tomorrow.

you only have today. //

xxx i've been mulling on this and wishing it was something we could really wrap our minds around. i told it to my sister and she of course promptly wrote a poem... maybe she'll let me share it... anyways. i hope this sobers and reminds you the way it has me! also, more christmas stuff coming soon, never fear! //


  1. wow. truth. this is really flooring me right now, like i needed to hear that. also so poetic. ♥ you're kind of amazing.

    1. aw thank you! that means so much to me <3 i need it too, trust me!


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