Friday, February 26, 2016

i literally have no name for this post (it's a tag though)

Olivia @ summer of 1999 tagged me for this, so many thanks to her(also look at her blog because it is deeply wonderful). However, I don't know quite what the tag is called, so.
The tag is to list 11 facts and answer 11 questions... we've already established my badness at fact-listing, but I'll try.

1. I have brown hair and amber eyes(lets start with basics)
2. Glasses are fabulous and I want to try contacts.
3. I  get in a really bad mood if I haven't eaten well.(It's hard on diets:/)
4. I dream of being able to have voice lessons and sing opera. (I'm slowly beginning to despair of either)
5. I hope I can travel, sooner rather than later. Top three destinations- Italy, France, and Morocco.
6. I attend a conservative, fundamental Baptist church.
7. I'm lactose intolerant, and somewhat digestively sensitive in general.
8. The above is due to the fact that I'm easily stressed, and have had mild social anxiety since I was like 7(I didn't realize this until recently) and have worried my stomach into dysfunction. Thankfully God has helped me begin to overcome this, but...
9. I'm INTP/FP on the Meyers-Briggs type system.
10. I'm running out of questions.
11. Little boys are really annoying if they are closer than 10 feet to you.

1. What's your favorite meal? Hmmm. Hm, hm, hm. I'm kind of into food sooo... I like hummus wraps. And Annie's Mac'n'cheese. White cheddar. Oh glorious. Bread, too, in any form and with plenty of butter. Wait these are foods not meals. No, I don't consider those things together a meal haha.
2. Do you have bookshelves in your room? Yes, two, both over-ful, as well as a sizeable pile beside/under my bed. It bugs my sister. I'm hoping to make(or have made by mom) another for my personal/current books. We'll see. 
3. What is something you like about yourself? Ugh. At the moment not much. My bangs? I guess?
5. Sweaters or flannel? Both. But sweaters I wear more, and look better, so technically sweaters.
6. Greeks or Romans? Greeks, 'cause, you know. They're all philosophers, and I have... a sort of... thing for philosophers. There, it's public.
7. Favorite book of the Bible and why? Oh, boy. Probably Ecclesiastes. It's so philosophical and written beautifully, as well as great content. Job, too. It's beautiful, has wonderful lessons, and I think it's amazing how such an ancient book is so skillful crafted and relevant(take that, cavemen. Another things I have, in this case against. I hate cavemen. So, so much. Don't even get me started.) And, 1 Peter is good too, to list one from the NT.
8. Name you would name your first boy and girl? These are so hard. Felix Christopher and Agnes Rose are my picks of the moment(I know I'm not the only one who has accumulated a huge amount of lists of baby names and can never remember a single name when you need one)
9. Best candle scent?  I don't  really use candles. though I really like them. I just got a new perfume from Tokyo Milk, it's from their Dark- Fate and Fortune collection and it's called Destiny. It smells SO GOOD, I never spend $10 on a perfume but I couldn't resist it. Gah.
10. One sentence to describe your best friend? (I know it's hard- I don't care) A starry eyed romantic who looks up into the night to avoid facing any darkness within. (Extra points if you can guess who this poetic being is;)
11. Spirit animal? Hm, I'm going to go with a butterfly.

I loved the questions, for mine how about answering the facts I listed-
1. Hair/eye color
2. Feelings on glasses? Do you wear them? 
3. Big or small eater?
4. Life dream/goal
5. Top three travel destinations
6. Church Denomination/ religion
7. Any food allergies/sensitivities? 
8. A fault you need to/are working on overcoming
9. Meyers-Briggs type if you know it, brief personality description if you don't.
10. Favorite time period
11. Pet peeve

I'm tagging 
Shandi- Ava- Lauren- Whoever else
Thanks for reading and have fun!!

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