Wednesday, February 10, 2016

// la vie en rose makeup tutorial //

You will need:
Seashell pink (pale, shimmery)
Dark Rose (think slightly dried out rose, matte)
Plum Wine (deep purple with burgundy and gold shimmer)
Bone (shimmer)
Your gorgeous face

First, put a pale shimmery seashell pink on your eyelid. I don't go to the browbone but that's preference.
Brush a darker rose along the top of the crease onto the lower edge of the browbone.
Put a deeper wine purple along the crease. I'm usually striving to make my eyes look more heavy lidded, so I put it fairly high to give that illusion. Make sure you blend it all well.. go back and repeat the steps if it looks like it needs in. It's like drawing- start faint and work darker.
Put shimmery bone color in the corner and tight line the water line.
Mascara. My secret is to brush your lashes in 4 times, out 4 times, seperate them, then slowly brush them all out. I found that on Pinterest. Also I tightlined my upper lid with black but you don't need to.
Sorry the pic quality is very bad... I hope you can kind of see. I'm not sure why someone who can't take a selfie and rarely wears much eye makeup really thought doing this was such a grand idea...

and of course, the inspiration song to listen to while you do it!


  1. Pretty! I'll have to try that mascara trick.

  2. woow so much better than I could of done! Love!

    1. whhhattt? how. editing helped(courtesy of Ryn over my shoulder lol) thanks <3


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