Wednesday, March 30, 2016

// elegy for a butterfly //

elegy for a butterfly

pretty butterfly with sun-kissed wings
dances with the wind in summers wild fling
tipsy on the suns golden wine
flutters to a twisted vine
and there alights, to hang and sway
intoxicated by the day
as her head begins to clear
she spies a flower, blooming near
she tiptoes nearer, takes a sip
and as the nectar wets her lips
the flower whispers, with a sigh
'you little know how your time will fly,
on your wings of vibrant hue
to your end, so swift go you.'
the butterfly, with dainty scorn
laughed at the words the flower bore
'i'm but new-born, with my bright wings,
it's not time yet for such dark things!'
and with these words, again arose
to search out a more cheerful rose
the drooping flowered sighed once more,
knowing too well what was in store
the day went by, and then the night
the butterfly soaring like a kite
the days turned into weeks, and soon
the butterfly was tired by noon
she couldn't seem to understand
why her wings let her down to land
despite her tries to stay aloft
she collapsed onto a tendril soft
her heart was pounding in her chest
she thought she needed but a rest
but as the moments passed her by
her fading strength her mind defied
she remembered then, the flowers words
and the warning that she hadn't heard
she sank lower, her tiny frame
bowed in painful, graceful shame
she thought back to the wild days
of pleasure free, until today
she saw where her thoughtless life had led
as darkness seeped into her head
memories of brightness passed
as with a sigh she breathed her last.

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