Wednesday, March 16, 2016

// il canto- tragicomic and song translation //

note:this post originally appeared on my other blog, which I no longer post to. I thought it was of a nature to share here as well. I've edited the post slightly from it's first form. enjoy!

I call this a tragic. It's like a comic- but not comical.

I'm not sure how many hours it took, but I worked on it over the course of a couple days. I took probably 4ish hours one day, maybe more, and probably around the same the second day So I'd say between 6 and 9 hours. And it could be refined quite a bit. O-o But I'm proud of it. I worked from a variety of reference material- why don't I more often? It turned out so much better than normal. But afterwards I was really tired.

Drawing should not be as exhausting as it is.

And, since the text is in Italian, I will now translate.

'Il Canto'- Italian to English translation
Writer(s): Raffaele Riefoli, Luca Barbarossa, Alfredo Rapetti, Romano Musumarra
Copyright: S.I.A.E. Direzione Generale

La notte qui non torna piu                      The night doesn't come here anymore
dal giorno che sei andata via                   Since the day that you went away
Ed il cielo smesso di giocare                  And the heavens have ceased to play
con le stelle e con la luna                        With the stars and with the moon
E le nuvole sono ferme qui                     And the clouds are still here
Come lacrime che non cadono                Like tears that cannot fall(or, that I cannot cry)

Vedi, come il tempo                               You see, as the time
Perde anche il ricordi                             Wastes even the memories
Resta solo il canto                                  Only the song remains
di un amore che non muore                    Of a love that cannot die

Prendi la mia mano                                 Take my hand
Danza con il vento                                  Dance with the wind
Apri la mie ali                                         My wings open
 Posso solo amarti cosi                           I can only love you this way
Vieni, vieni via con me                          Come, come away with me   

That's my translation, with help from google translate and Ryn. It has a repeat but it doesn't fit into the tragic and so I didn't include it. I'd like to attempt a rhymed version sometime, and to try to do more justice to the Italian... Is it not sad? Is it not beautiful??

If you have a chance to listen to it, you should. Il Volo's version with Placido Domingo is what inspired this, but I know Luciano Pavarotti does it, I believe Maestro Domingo does it solo, Paul Potts and Katherine Jenkins also do it I think. I haven't personally listened to any of them, but I'm sure any version would be lovely. If you try any of them let me know!!

{also, in case you wondered, the characters are my originals. some of you  know somewhat of them. they are... deeply sad in story. i love them.}


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