Saturday, April 16, 2016

//aegri somnia//

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 You know how, in nightmares, there often is one bright thing
one good, natural thing amidst a landscape of freakish, surreal horror
and how that one thing in its goodness, it's normalcy,
 only serves to make the rest more vibrantly sordid?

my life, now, is a nightmare

and I think-I feel- I know-you are the one good thing.
and even though you are the one bright spot in this murkish dream,

I don't want you to have to exist in its tainted chaos.
It will be darker without you, it's true
but somehow I think that will be better.
I think knowing you are out there, in the light
will be a comfort in the dark.
I would rather you be free of it

and I, to suffer alone.

aegri somnia- a sick man's dreams

xxx tomorrow is my birthday and probably-possibly-potentially- my 100th post!! xxx


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope it's a great one! :) and this is a really cool post. I love the picture you chose and the title-is it Latin?

    1. Thank you!!! it was:) Thank you! Yes, I was looking thorough the foreign phrases in my dictionary and I loved this one, and had already been stewing over the idea so it just worked out!


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