Tuesday, May 17, 2016

// the quote tag pt. 3 //

Now, I might differ in that I have strong feelings about early man and the way humankind has 'progressed' since the fall.  Don't ever talk to me about cave men or you might regret it. Therefore if he's buying into the idea of early man being primitive in their understanding I reject that part. However, I don't think he necessarily is; and even if so, the quote still speaks truth. Besides, who's to say that thinking of tree's and stars in such mystical terminology is less developed? Our reasonable explanations for these things have in some ways taken from them.

Anyways, I was actually just thinking about these sorts of concepts yesterday afternoon in the car, before I came home and looked at quotes haha. The older I get the more I feel there is incredible, in some cases incomprehensible, imagery and symbolism woven into the tapestry of even the simplest things of nature. The Bible speaks to God's revelation in nature, and in our own hearts.

Of course, it can never be comparable to scripture- our doctrine and truth must be founded always and only in the Word. But we can, through the light it gives our eyes, then view all of creation as a beautiful storybook, with the most exquisite of illustration and masterful execution. We can look for the truths we already know for fact in the Bible, then hidden in swirls and whispers all around us.

So thats the end of the tag!! Hope I don't sound too weird or mystical because that's definitely not how I'm meaning it.

I enjoyed it a lot, so thanks again to Maggie @ Traveling Home for the tag!

My last nominees-

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I'll be back before long with some new posts, look for a book review, an instagram roundup and who knows what all else. So there you go!!

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