Thursday, August 18, 2016

// painting //

acrylic on canvas

I've been contemplating painting this ever since I watched The Secret Garden for the first time(At least that I remember, Mom says I watched it when I was little). I've read the book multiple times, of course, but the film is just so exquisite I can't believe I waited this long to watch it! I got it on VHS for a dime at a library book sale. 

Anyways, so I thought about this painting for a while and the other day finally did it. It turned out a lot darker than I intended, but I really like it! It is a little lighter in real life than this photo, too. I like Mary in the book, but in the movie I love her. She's the child I want to have, in the event I actually married. She, and Colin, are so unique and I like that. And Dickon- I've always wished he was my friend, with all his animals! It's a great book, a children's classic, but one I want to re-read soon! 

Mary's style is so perfect, it makes me want to be in a garden in Britain, hat and all. I mean, I want that anyways, but esp. after watching this movie!!

Do you like the Secret Garden? Are there any children's books you really liked as a child and now still enjoy, either for pleasure or the deeper value that the best children's books have?


  1. The little princess has always been one of my favorites <3 Beautiful painting Nina


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