Monday, February 6, 2017

// playlist: favorite sopranos+mezzos //

click here-playlist: favorite sopranos+mezzo-sopranos

my love for opera is no secret- but lately I've really been feeling inspired to try to share the love. so, here's a 2 hour playlist of some of my favorite sopranos/mezzo-sopranos singing well known arias. I'm no expert so I've most likely missed some important singers/songs, but these are ones that I know and love. I hope you enjoy and maybe even get your interest piqued to learn more about the songs! Look up lyric translations and synopsis' of the plot of the opera the aria is from. You'll find that hidden in the foreign languages and virtuosic singing are human emotions and messages, just like you'd find in indie-pop, or folk, or jazz, or... you name it!  I'm convinced a lot more people would like opera if they understood it- which is why I'm starting to learn more myself, not just because I'm interested in going into opera professionally, but also so I can share it with others!! I may start periodically posting a specific aria with a brief synopsis and explanation of the aria, and maybe explain in depth just why I'm so fond of opera- would anyone be interested in that or would it bore you? I'm just not sure where I'm going with this blog anymore and I want to get back into the swing of things and start posting again. anyways, enjoy the playlist!


  1. I love opera! My mother and I love to listen to it together. Going to listen to your playlist now...
    (P.S. Just started reading your blog Nina, it's wonderful! I would love to see more posts about opera btw! <3)

    1. That's so wonderful! It's always nice to see others who like it too :) And thank you so much! That means a lot- and you probably will. xx Nina

  2. Hey!

    I love that you're celebrating a vocal craft that largely doesn't exist in the contemporary world- unfortunately!

    When did opera take your fancy. Have you ever been to an opera and do you sing yourself?

    I think that if you have a passion, you should absolutely express it and share information about it, so you can find fellow passionate people.

    I've played the violin for over a decade now and I think that some how morphs into a love and appreciation for good quality song- always offered by opera singers.

    All the best

    1. Hey! Sorry for this belated reply.

      It was a slow process, birthed through an initial love of Classical Crossover that grew into a love of true opera! I haven't been to a live one- yet. I sing a little classical, and I would love to train further towards opera but I'm not sure that's where my path will lead...

      Thank you so much for such a kind and conversational comment <3 Xx Nina

  3. I've always wanted to go see an Opera. It's definitely something on my list!
    | Diana |

    1. Hi! Sorry I missed this comment! It's very high on my list as well Xx Nina


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